Life and Death

"I call Heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:" (Deuteronomy 30:19)

God says, 'I am placing before you life and death.' God has prepared for us a pain killer in the Word of God. When God called Abraham, He gave him the truth. God said, 'Abraham is my confidant.' He believed God's Word to that degree that God was sure he would teach God's Word to his children. God could not hide anything from Abraham. For an Almighty God who reigns in Heaven and on earth, to say that He could not hide anything from a human being, is an extra-ordinary thing. And God meant it. Abraham believed God. And God could trust and count on Abraham. It is a great thing! Many of us think of belief in different terms.

Everyone who goes to Church believes that he believes in God. He tells lies all through the week. When you believe in God, you imbibe His nature. Abraham was imbibing the nature of God. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, we see God's nature in him. God was happy that there was at least one man to offer his son out of trust in God. God thought it was a great success in the training he gave to Abraham. Faith began with Abraham. He gave it to his children.

God gave the law so that the faith in Abraham may be imparted to His children. There is a mystic power in the Word of God so that every nation that accepted the Bible and obeyed it, prospered. It prospered in proportion to its obedience. To a certain extent England followed the Word and prospered. "Righteousness exalteth a nation" (Proverbs 14:34). England was lifted above the nations. It is a creative Word. Those who receive the Word into their hearts by obedience, receive of that creative power. It eliminates sin.

Those parents who counsel their children to believe and obey God's Word are true parents. Every parent must hand over his children into God's protection by inculcating the fear of God into them. If children look to God and not to parents for everything, it is a great gain. When a servant looks to God and not to his master or mistress it is a great blessing. It is a blessing not to live entirely to please the master rather than God.

When you believe the Word of God, it will have a peculiar effect on your personality. It produces certain emotions that strengthen your nerves and keep them in a sound condition. Your blood is also purified. Your mind is kept clear and sound so that it rejects negative thoughts and overcomes the negative emotions of the body. Negative emotion are dispelled and positive emotions are built up which will build your body. This leads to long life.