The Light of God's Will

"I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness"

(John 12:46)

Our wills are stubborn and our prayer does not throw light on our misguided wills.  You should not be in darkness about God's will.  'He that believeth on me shall not walk in darkness.'  God's will must be very definite and you must be prepared to walk in it.  Only if you reach a certain level in prayer, God's will can be revealed to you.  If it is revealed prematurely it is dangerous for you, because you cannot obey and even if you obey you will fall away shortly afterwards.  We must patiently wait to know God's will.  As we are in prayer God's will is gradually revealed to us.  You are flashing the spiritual light into the unknown.  The flash of light on the meandering path before you is very important.  With insufficient prayer people are easily dragged into the world.  Jesus was successful because He always had sufficient prayer, and knew God's will and always did it.  Blessed is the man who hath knowledge of God's perfect will.  You must have sufficient study of the Bible.  The extent of revelation of God's will is limited by your knowledge of God's Word.  The will of God will conform to His Word.  As you pray on, your spirit is inspired to obey.  The Holy Spirit so adjusts things that the time of the revelation coincides with that of your preparedness.  You need not walk in darkness.  Every place that the sole of your feet shall tread God will give you.