Living in Heaven

"Then spake Haggai.... I am with you, saith the LORD."  (Haggai 1:13)

In the garden of Eden, man was the son of God and all nature was under him.  Jesus has come to restore us to that position.  A Christian is like a man going up a mountain.  He has to go up and up till he reaches a plateau.  In spiritual life you reach such a place.  You obey the Word and the Lord becomes the final authority over your life.  You never go against His word - that means you have reached that plateau.  St. Paul, Elijah and Moses reached that plateau.  There was no negative force in them.  The moment they knelt to pray they could get an answer from God.  Theirs was a stable God-consciousness. 

If you are in that plateau you can always pray and be sure of an answer.  If there are negative forces in us, if there is anger, hatred and some hidden sins, you are still on the mountain side.  Sometimes when the Israelites had to face difficulties, Moses was on the plateau and Israelites were on the mountain side and the mixed multitude were almost at the bottom.  The mixed multitude would start weeping in unfaith and then all the Israelites would join them.  Moses would fall on his face in prayer.  Then the answer would come from God.  Then the people would be stirred up to enthusiasm and again slip back.  Why?  They had not cast away their negative emotions.  But those that do cast them away will reach the plateau.  When God dwells in your soul you will live in heaven.  When hundred and twenty people in that upper room reached that plateau, the powers of darkness were arrested.  When Peter preached, thousands were converted.