Living in the Will of God

"...Jehoshaphat cried out, and the LORD helped him;..." (II Chronicles 18:31)

If we truly believe that God is Love and that He is righteous and powerful, we would wait for God and would do only His will. Our relatives and friends can draw us out of God's will and we slip into troubles. But if we set our hearts on doing God's will alone, our fiends and relatives will be soon convinced that we have done the right thing. But, we often try to please them and betray the Lord. The children of Christ are those who have given up their own will in preference to His. Our own will is dictated by the self life in us. Even when we miss the way, the Lord is ever trying to help us, to deliver us. We should never say, "God has brought this evil upon me." That would be blasphemy. Would you say that your mother pierced you with a thorn? You would not; Because a mother's nature is love. Her nature is to protect her children from pain and harm. She wants to do them only good. Even if she tries to discipline them, it is for their good. God is far greater than our mothers. Yet, men blame God and blaspheme Him. When we love the world and sin, we bring ourselves into loss and suffering, and then, if we do not realize that God is not the author of those troubles but we have brought them upon ourselves, we are enemies of God. God can never do evil or harm to you. A certain pastor's wife entered into a secular job in order to earn some money. She began to face many problems. But she did not resign her job and join her husband in serving the Lord. Her children were constantly falling ill. Finally, her husband died. When we serve the Lord, our health improves. When we work very hard for the Lord, we gain not only experience, but the strength and energy that have been expended will come back to us ten fold. The Lord adds much joy to our life. The peace in our heart deepens . You may have plenty to eat, but without peace and joy, the food you eat will not become strength to your body. You may lie down to sleep, but sorrow will disturb you.