“He Is the One”                                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


Luke 1:26,38; 2:8-26; Psalm 2:12; Isaiah 60:12

            All religions have their own festivals. In these festivals, unrighteousness often has full play. Christians have only a few celebrations. The most important of them is the birth of Christ and the death of Christ and the day of Resurrection. It is right that the people rejoice on the day of Christ’s birth. Angels sang their songs on that day. Shepherds had set out to see him and they saw Him and rejoiced. Wise men, started out from distant lands to seek Him. They saw the babe and worshipped Him, offering their gifts. Let us also do the same. Let us make a journey to see Him. Let us turn our minds from our earthly possessions towards the king of heaven. Some of us, with our worldly wisdom and education, have gone far away from Him. Our gold, our frankincense and myrrh we have locked up for ourselves. Let us set out on our spiritual quest, seeking Him to offer these unto Him. Let us seek Him who is born king of the Jews and the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Those who are highly educated have to humble themselves and make a long journey to find Him. The angels spoke to simple Shepherds. Wise men saw the sight of a star and journeyed a great distance. The prophecies of the Seers will speak to men.

            Those that sought Jesus found Jesus in a manger, in a cattle shed. He was lying on straw which fed cattle. The God of Heaven came as a little babe, as a son of a carpenter, and lay in the arms of a pure and simple Virgin Mary. Kings and rich men did not have the privilege of carrying the babe. A holy young woman whom angels could visit bore this baby and nursed Him. He who filled the Heaven of Heavens, came in the form of a tiny babe. To be able to limit oneself like this is the true sign of greatness. He who can humble himself deeply is the one who can be raised up to a place of great power. By humbling Himself to this degree, the Lord is showing us a great example. The humble and the broken in spirit are those whom the Lord loves. Those who can humble themselves and those who can forsake all are His children. These qualities belong to the royal priesthood. The proud cannot approach Him. They cannot worship Him. Athaliah the daughter of Jezebel once reigned over Judah. She was the daughter-in-law of a righteous king Jehoshaphat. When she saw that her husband and son were dead, she killed all the royal seed and took the reigns of government into her hand. Then, Jehoida, the priest took Joash, the son of Ahaziah and hid him for 6 years and anointed him king. This priest had to preserve the royal heir Joash against his wicked grandmother Athaliah. Similarly when the world was filled with darkness, Satan usurped the rulership of this world, but the true king had agreed before the world began to come and overthrow the usurper. Accordingly, He came, born of a Virgin, to die on the cross and to rise again the third day to take over the government into His hands. How many can perceive a king in the little babe in the manger? “Kiss the son lest he be angry and ye perish from the way.” (Ps. 2:12) Can you see the little babe Jesus Christ? Do you know who He is? He was the One who in the beginning created Adam and Eve. He was the One who grew Enoch into fellowship with Himself. Enoch was a man with a family. With the responsibilities of a family on him, he walked with God, and Jesus took him to Himself. Even at that early time, Jesus demonstrated the power of Ascension. Look at the Son and know who He is! It was He who made Noah preach salvation for 120 years. It was He who made Noah build the Ark. He is the One who is going to judge the world. In those days, he directed the building of the Ark, which was the proof of His love. Today, He is the God of Love and Truth, who delivers us from the power of sin. He is the truth. He is the way and He is the life. He is the One who called Abraham and touched him and his wife in their old age and gave them a son. He is the One who demonstrated that He is the author of life and that nothing is impossible to Him. Is this babe not growing bigger and bigger in your sight? See, He is the One who led Moses. He is the One with His mighty power overthrew Pharaoh’s army. He is mighty in battle. He wields the sword of righteousness. He is the One who divided the Red sea and made His people walk through dry land. He is the One who raised up the prophet Elijah to judge the house of Ahab, which led Israel into Baal worship. He is the One who answered Elijah by fire, to turn the minds of Israel away from Baal worship unto Himself. He is the One that was with Daniel, in the lion’s den and with Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego in the midst of the fire. He is the One whose name is the great “I Am”.

            Dear brother, kiss the Son, kiss Him who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Is He the son of Mary? Is He of the line of David? Is He our God Jehovah? Ponder over this. What does the Word say? (Isaiah 60:12) “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish;” Many kingdoms arose and fell. Many kingdoms have disappeared. In Europe, now there are about 15 kings without a throne. The kingdoms of this earth do not last forever. But His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. The man that will not serve Him will perish. The families that will not worship Him will be broken. The kingdom that does not bow to Him will be no more. He teaches us the way of eternal life. The laws of an everlasting kingdom come from His lips. He is the Word- the Word that was in the beginning and the Word that was with God. The Word was made flesh and came into our midst, and spoke in human language and with a human tongue. The Word which came in human form stretched forth His hand to heal the lepers and raised the dead. God’s mighty power dwelt in Him that was born of a woman. In Him, the divine nature was perfectly reflected. He is the Eternal God who can change us into His likeness. Does He appear to be only a man? No, He is God. Let your knees bend before Him. Worship Him. Holding your hands in prayerful reverence, kiss the Son!