“O Fools, Who Are Slow of Heart”                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


Luke 24:25                                     

            The disciples must have been surprised when they were addressed 'fools'. They had been with Jesus for 31/2 years. Yet they were slow of heart. Dear friends, does He address us like that? From childhood we are Christians. We are slow of understanding. When He says something, we understand something else. When you ask for salt, if firewood is brought by your child, what would you feel? The disciples were like that. They were born again. Yet they were slow of heart. Many of us have the experience of rebirth. Have you grown in the understanding of God? Suppose you enter into a class where you don't understand the subject. For instance, you think you know Mathematics. But you know Algebra only. If Calculus is taught, can you understand? Christ was trying to teach them a higher science. No doubt they were born again. They knew algebra only, not calculus. Those who are born again must develop the heart to understand the mystery of the kingdom of God. We must learn to sit at the feet of God. The disciples were discussing the incidents that took place at Jerusalem.

            A preacher is preaching and you are talking about your business. That shows you have no interest in spiritual meetings. In one place we were having revival meetings. When I entered into the Missionary's bungalow, she was listening to the radio. What interest had she for the kingdom of God? At Vizag, a pastor's children were listening to the radio when the meetings were on in the next building.  

            Verses 22-24. These disciples were not great fools yet they were fools. They did not understand what happened there. Yet they had no interest to know about it. Their hearts were away from God. They were going to Emmaus with disappointment. It is good to be disappointed. They were dissatisfied. That is the time that Jesus would come near and help us. Jesus called them fools to make them wise. Why did He come? Because they were talking about Jesus. When you talk about Jesus, who will be there? Malachi 3:16. Those who fear God talk to one another. The disciples had the fear of God.

            In certain Christian homes we cannot hear the name of Jesus. Yet they go to take Holy Communion. In their thoughts there is no God.

            When God makes up His jewels, they will not be there. Malachi 3:17. How can God come to the houses where there is no fear of God? The disciples went to Emmaus and they were talking about Jesus. They did not understand even though they had read about it in the Old Testament. Jesus felt sad about them. Jesus is sad about some of us. Why? We do not know Him. He has given us promises. We don’t understand Him. We are not equipped to receive them. If He fulfils them when you are not ready, that will ruin you. Why does God give you promises? So that you may be ready, Abraham got a promise. Yet he was not to receive a son. After getting a promise he went to Egypt. He took another wife. That is not the way to get a meritorious son. When you are not ready, if the promise is fulfilled you will become proud. "Pray for me to get a child." Some write like this and I pray. They get a child. Yet they don't know how to bring up the child. They become devil's children. Can you receive God’s holy revelations? You are thinking too much of yourselves, whereas God calls you fools. Don't think too much of your preparation or getting ready. God's judgment hangs on you.

Once we had revival meetings in Hindupur. One man refused to sing our revival song 'God, have mercy upon me a sinner.' On the third day the Spirit of God came upon the congregation and ail were weeping for their sins. This man also was weeping. One girl was weeping and when I asked her why she was weeping she replied that she saw her sins on the Cross and when she asked pardon of the Lord, her sins disappeared. This man said that he saw Jesus coming with a crown but Jesus was refusing to look at him. That man was saying that he was converted. There are many foolish Christians who misunderstand the word 'salvation'.

Did you ever see your sins? Did you ever realize your nature? The disciples knew that they were sinners. But they did not develop - even Peter. Peter said that he would lay down his life. God said, 'You are thinking too much of your spiritual life. Now you can deny me.' What will Christ say about me? You think that you can preach - you can lead a home, You will take your home to hell. Many Christian fathers lead the children to hell. They don’t understand what Jesus did for them. These disciples were wondering why Jesus called them so. It is good to be rebuked. Job 5:17. Did God ever meet you and correct you? Did He ever call you ‘fool’? If He calls you a fool, you are really a fool. It is good God corrects us.

The disciples spoke about Jesus. Jesus rebuked them. ‘You did not develop your heart and there is no understanding in you,’ He says. Eph 4:17-19. They are blind. Are you blind? How are your thoughts? Are they purified? Are you capturing and bringing them under the captivity of God? 2 Cor 10:5. Children of God are always wrestling. They are wrestling against evil thoughts, thoughts of pride, vanity and so on. They won't allow any thought to overcome them until they bring it under God. Has Christ accepted that thought? Then you can approve of it. Some are dangerous thoughts. They never allow you to be the storehouses of heavenly blessings. God wants to keep you a treasure keeper. These disciples had repented and confessed their sins. Thus far John the Baptist had trained them. Then Jesus came and gave some instructions. But they did not understand them. They did not seek for more explanations. So Jesus calls them, 'O ye fools.' Are we developing? Are we able to keep the blessing which will rain from heaven? Where is the place, the heart and the personality, where the heavenly treasure can be kept? God is going to tell us about it. 'Lord I am not really fit to receive it,' we should say. Let us not deceive ourselves. You are ready to become a pastor. Can you preach and teach? You can lead people to hell. We are responsible to the Almighty God who opens the heavenly treasure to us through His Son. He broke His body. He allowed Him to go into the grave. He suffered all sufferings. What for? "All power is given to me - you will never be alone. I will give you my grace and power. Wherever you tread that will be yours. Joshua 1:3. ‘I wholly followed the Lord.’ Joshua 14:11. You will be strong. Your mind, heart and blood are purified. Your bones are strengthened. His word is life and blood. You will get more wisdom, good thoughts, strength and health when you sit with this Word.

Your health goes down. Why? You are not filled with the Word of God. Your conversation is not of God. Psalm 15:2-5. V.4 He honoureth them that fear the Lord. He dwells in the tabernacle of God. He will draw near God and God will teach him. God wants to make you saviours of the world. Do you respect those who fear God?

Believe that the kingdom of God will be built through the instrumentality of you. (Prov 20:27) The candle in you will outshine the sun and you will be a blessing.

1. Why were they slow of heart? Because they did not know how to wait on God, If you wait on God in prayer you will get revelations about yourself. If you don't have this mystic experience of waiting upon God, you won't even recognise when God comes to your house. Once I  was praying in a lonely place in Masulipatnam. Suddenly one man came and sat in front of me and He did not talk to me at all. I gave to Him the Gospel and sent Him away. If I had looked into His hands I would have seen the wounds. But He went away. God wants to come to your house.

2.  Why did not the disciples understand Jesus? Because the disciples did not develop and they did not use the spiritual opportunities given to them. You go to a Retreat and you get only the things on the surface. You must get deeper things of God.

3.  What did they say when Jesus left them? They said that their hearts burnt. God won't leave us until our hearts burn within us. The Fellowship must burn with the gospel. You may be a mother of 10 children. But until God uses you, He won't leave you. His almightiness is available for those who trust in Him.