Mystic Communion

"Watch ye therefore, and pray always,"  (Luke 21:36)

There is a mystic communion with the Divine Spirit and you pray the mind of God.  It can also be put this way, "Watch and pray."  Watch what you pray.  Is it for worldly selfish things? Come up to higher things and God says that He will take care of the lower mundane things.

Watch how you pray.  With what attitude?  Is it a self-complacent satisfied attitude?  You must always be a broken man.  Do you pray without the strain of sin?

Watch when you pray.  Are you lazy to get up?  You want God to follow you rather than your following God's way and the way of the saints?

How much are we praying?  How deep is your prayer?  How deep is your desire?  How earnest is your desire?  Are you one with the mind of God?  You must pray always earnestly for what you pray, and in oneness with the mind of God.  To what extent are you one with us?  The man on the battle field and the man in the ammunition factory are engaged in the same thing.  One cannot exist without the other.  We have to pray more.  We must be equal to the need.  Are we going to conquer or be defeated?  What is the amount of fight you are putting into prayer?