“Our Defence, The Word of God”                        LATE MR. N. DANIEL

Nehemiah 4:18 “For the builders, everyone had his sword girded by his side, and so builded. And he that sounded the trumpet was by me.”


            When the Jews were building the wall of Jerusalem, the enemies came to attack them. Jerusalem represented righteousness and truth. The enemies did not want righteousness and truth. Righteousness never comes out of its Gurus and man made philosophies. They cannot lead any nation into righteousness. Jesus says, “I am the Truth.” I was carefully watching the lives of men as a student. Our professors put before us great goals but they lived differently. We must not learn to flatter ourselves. A Brahmin boy, said to me, “I bathe in the river Godavari every day and carry out rituals. But I live the same old life.” I told him, “Jesus changed me and I live a different life.” The devil does not want us to build our families.


            Nehemiah and his men had words in hands. They who build their families without God, labour in vain. Do you without God, labour in vain? Do you have God in your heart? Can you pray for your children? Have you got a sword to protect and defend them? We do not know the subtle power of sin. When you steal, your sin will acquire power over you. The devil's agents will come and encourage you and prompt you. A chief’s son is led into thieving by the evil spirits that overpowered the father. An adulterous man's son goes into adultery. You have to defend your family from the agents of the evil one. David committed adultery and murder. Both these sins came into his family.


            Our heart must be clean. 1 Tim. 1:5 Some marry with sin in their heart. They promise they would be faithful. You cannot be faithful when you have sin in your heart. You cannot love your wife. You are under an evil spirit. You must have a sword. You must be able to fight the evil one. Susanna Wesley built a family for God. Women can beat men in piety. They can create little heavens on earth. But if they are without swords they cannot protect their children. Many preachers weep today because their children go into sin. Their sins are magnified in their children.


            The Word of God is a light which pierces into the future and reveals what temptations will come and shows what weaknesses you have. The devil is wanting to lay you prostrate in defeat. As a wife you have many responsibilities. As far as you have sin in your heart and you bring it into your house - you carry the devil into the house. The devil does not want peace in your house. If there is peace at home, you will have a healthy and long life.


            Moses' parents, brother and sister feared God. The God of deliverance was near them. The devil wants to throw your children into the river. But God is there with you. “Call unto me.” - Moses' parents prayed and threw him into the river Nile. Next day Moses was found in the palace of the king. God is spreading His wings on your family. He will never forget you and your children. My son Francis was not doing well as l was on my way to Wellington. I was far away from my son but God told me to pray even though I was in Wellington.

            I John 2:13  I write unto you, because ye have overcome the wicked one (devil). The lust of the eyes and flesh will not attack us. If God is not with you, you will not have a restful night. God never allowed us to waste the last hour before sleep to work for our children. We gave the last hour to God. We used the sword of the Word of God on our children and relatives. If you do not use it, you are not loving them. If you do not use this sword, your relatives will come and pull down what you have built. If God is not with you, your labour will be in vain. You cannot love your wife. Envy, hatred and anger will harm you - how deeply you do not know. Our blood is very sensitive. The emotions of your heart affect the blood. The healing medicines for the heart are with God. When it is clean you will be healthy. A certain pastor who was not very old died of T.B. He could not forgive his brother for twenty years. What a sad result of a negative emotion. Like Abraham’s family you will be blessed in the fields and in your journeys. Your food will work like a tonic on you if your children are good and your home is peaceful. As a young woman, read this Bible. Follow its standards. Let your heart be cleansed. Otherwise the consequence of sin will follow you into your married life. The sword of the Spirit will guard your home if you follow it.