Our Thoughts

Psalm 139

When we are tired, our innermost thoughts come out. The deep thoughts that guide our life come out. Sometimes these hidden and subtle thoughts become the guiding principles of our life. Then we are like a man in a boat which is caught in a current and is led away by the current. A man's thoughts may carry him anywhere. If they are God's thoughts they will lead you aright. We should not allow any thought that is not entirely of God to dwell in our subconscious. The Word of God has the power to search our thoughts. Your whole life depends on the thoughts which you are entertaining.

A group of college girls were washing in a river. Suddenly a current swept away some of them and they were drowned. Thoughts are like that. Even one thought which is not of God should not be lodged in your heart. Some selfish thoughts or thoughts of jealousy come in and lodge within us. We may accept them without scrutinizing their import. We must be careful. It is good to express our thoughts before children of God. The devil knows how to put his hook into us. Every man is a bundle of thoughts. If they are the thoughts of God, they will be driven aright. Every true saint is one who subjected himself to the thoughts of God.