Out of God's Will

"... for my sake this great tempest is upon you." Jonah 1:12

Many people do not realize how they are the cause of the storms that come into their homes, their lives and their churches. It is sad not to know how much harm you are causing to others. Here a prophet was bringing harm to others. He was fleeing from the presence of God. Any man who knows God and does not live in His will brings harm to others. When we are born of God we have a responsibility towards others. If you do not realize this, you will bring storms upon others. A woman was once confessing, "I know it is because of my sins my two children died." We pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." But are we doing His will? Is your home the Kingdom of God? Is your church so? Then why do we pray the Lord's prayer? When a man comes to the Lord, the next step is to do God's will. There is a plan of God chalked out for everyone who is born of Him. When you are converted, know that God has a plan for you.

Jonah was going out of God's will but God drew him into it. God brought Gideon into His plan. God gave Saul a new heart. But Saul did not continue in God's will. He thus brought a storm upon his family and it was destroyed. Saul had the privilege of fellowship with the prophet Samuel. But he broke that fellowship. "And Samuel came no more to see Saul until the day of his death:" (I Samuel 15:35). Beware if you are making God sad about the appointment God has given you. You are deviating from His will. You may bring sorrow and death and madness into your family. Satan stalks Christians to trouble them.

Some people come only half way through to conversion and go back and do much harm to the Kingdom of God. God wants you to be engaged in things of eternal value. But you can go right against God's will. Those that are outside God's will and those that associate themselves with the ungodly and the heathen are on the way to danger. Some are associating themselves with those that always talk evil against God's children. Their homes will become a hell.