The Power of Jesus' Love

Luke 6:10-19


Jesus said, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand."  Jesus came to save sinners.  People did repent and confess their sins.  But one disciple closed his heart, hiding his sins until at last his own sin killed him.   But the others created a new world.  Thousands of men followed them.  Joy and peace and a new love functioned in the new society.


There is power with Jesus which is above atomic power.  Man uses this power for destruction.  Jesus uses His power to bring peace and good will to society.  Money does not make us happy and does not give us good will.  You can pray throughout the night to bring heavenly power to earth to heal and to transform the wicked.  The more we know of God, we find we cannot hate our brother.  When you start loving your brother, you begin to share his burden.  The love of money brings you down to hell.  It hides all the angelic potentialities in you.


There was a man called Dr. Jekyl.  He wanted to bring out all the evil in himself.  He discovered a drug which when he drank he shrank into an ugly Mr. Hyde.  In that form he beat a man to death.  When he finished his crimes he would drink another drug and be transformed into the respectable Dr. Jekyl.  Thus he played with himself.  This procedure repeated many times.  After sometimes even without the medicine, he would just turn into Mr. Hyde.  The police started searching for him.  Once day while in a park Dr. Jekyl turned into Mr. Hyde unexpectedly.  He hurriedly got the transforming medicine through his friend and became Dr. Jekyl - but one day this medicine was exhausted and he was Mr. Hyde for ever.  He hid in a room.  He wept and wept.  One day the police broke the door open.  In the meantime he drank some poison and died.  We are doing things prompted by our evil nature.  There is a medicine to bring back our angelic nature.  That comes to us by looking at the Cross.  We must not exhibit the 'Hyde' in us.  Jesus called Simon and transformed him into Peter.  How many of us are Peters?  God has a great purpose for you.  The rivers of living waters must flow from you.  Why do you hide yourself and your sins?  You are already in hell.  God wants us to be in Heaven.  The work of salvation is completed and available to you.   Will you be an angel?  Now you may be a Saul but you can be a Paul.  Satan prevents you from becoming an angel.  Jesus' prayer is mighty and marvelous to change us.


St. Thomas came to India, a difficult place and was a blessing.  Abraham became  a blessing.  You must become a blessing.