Power of Prayer

"... he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God."  (Luke 6:12)

Luke 6:10-19

Scientists believe in outward cleanliness but Christ began with hygiene of heart.  If your heart is right with God, if it is clean and if your heart is filled with love, then you will have a shield to safeguard you from sin.  Faith in the heart will kill the germs of the body. God sees the heart.  He begins with the heart.  By hearing the Word you get faith.  Otherwise the heart is in darkness.  Eternal truths are Greek and Latin to such.  Christ's Cross is ineffective in them.  They cannot deliver themselves from sin.  Christian life means nothing to them.  You are bound for hell.  You have no strength to deliver yourself.  Your family cannot help you.  Doctors also cannot help you.  Jesus prayed the whole night.  Some pray for just five minutes.  One hour's prayer is impossible to some.  They do not see the need also.  Jesus prayed the whole night and got power from Heaven to transform others and heal others.  Jesus took simple and poor people who did not know any philosophies of this world.  But Christ made them more than philosophers.  Christ could  do that because He prayed for them.  Can we get power from Heaven to transform others?  Fire-wood is used to get steam-power which is used to move machines.  Oil, coal and every other fuel is produced by the Sun.  The Sun is working with man.  The Sun vaporizes the water and drops it as rain.  On the hills man makes use of the water falls to get electricity.  Man knows how to make use of the energy and light of the Sun for his purposes.  But Jesus knows that there is more power in God.  So he prayed to get the power from God.  He prayed to get that power which lifts man from earth to Heaven.  Jesus got down the power from Heaven which transformed Simon to Peter and Saul to Paul.  Diabolical nature is converted to an angelic character.