The Presence of God

"... for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God." (II Chronicles 5:14)

Here the ark of the covenant is carried to a place which was specially built for it. The sanctified priests and Levites were singing and praising God, for His mercy endureth for ever. Can we say this with our whole heart? His righteousness lasts forever. It grips your whole personality - your eyes, ears, mouth, feet and hands. Then there will be nothing unconsecrated in you. When you walk into the Holy of Holies, with the ark of the covenant on your shoulders (in other words, with your faith in Jesus who died and rose again for your sins), Heaven will descend in that place. Here that actually happened. II Chronicles 5:13,14. Our God is a holy God. One day we must stand before Him. The priests and the musicians were sanctified. They sang the Word of God to praise Him. When the glory and the presence of God came in, they had to go out. What an experience! That was the first day when the Holy Spirit filled the ark. God was showing them how the place of worship should be.

Isaiah 51:7 "You that have my word established in your heart, my righteousness has come to you. My righteousness will last from generation to generation. Your children will get that righteousness. The fear of God will come to them." Nowadays the righteousness at home is neglected - children are allowed to do anything. Parents compromise with evil.

God says, "My covenant of peace shall not depart from you." Isaiah 56:7. The Lord led the Israelites to the house of prayer. His salvation will last for generations. Psalm 103:7,8. God wants to demonstrate His abiding presence. II Corinthians 6:14. We are co-workers with God. He invites you to come into His presence to work with Him in His everlasting purposes, that you may share the conquest of Jesus on the Cross over the evil and wickedness of this world.