“Godly Sorrow”                                        LATE MR. N. DANIEL


Psalms 119:135, 136; 2 Cor. 10:11


            Is this true in your life? Do tears flow down? The Bible gives us great truths. If you listen carefully, you will become wise. The Bible tells us of this feeling 'sorrow'. God puts it into us. Jesus says, "Repent ye." God the Holy Spirit creates godly sorrow in us which is a great blessing. If this grace is given to you, your life will be transformed. Godly sorrow came into me and I did not go back into sin. I never knew that there is such a great victory in the blood of Jesus. Has godly sorrow come into you at any time? -- for your family and children? Oh! I am not able to give my children proper guidance. Have you got godly sorrow for your relatives? Do rivers of water flow from your eyes because they do not keep the law?


            Why should a young Christian man die? It is because there is no one to guide him, he lived in sin. Godly sorrow will prolong your life. The Divine feeling of sorrow will change you. Hidden sin is the cause of early death and sickness.


            Once upon a time David did not have godly sorrow for his son. 2 Sam. 18:32,33. He did not warn, rebuke or punish Absalom. Is it so with you that you are not warning your children? You do not give them the word of God? In our church we were taught to runaway from sin. When I had to go far away for my education, the fear of God followed me. The fear of God we inculcate in the child will bring him to conversion. Your indulgence should not spoil your children.    


            In Ramnad District a certain officer came full of tears for his beautiful daughter. His wife was accusing him, "Your wickedness killed my daughter.” That man said that his wife's word was correct. Other sorrows than godly sorrow will make you weak and kill you. Godly sorrow will purify your heart. My warden and his wife never had prayer in their life. In his old age he saw the death of his two sons whom he educated highly. He lamented and mourned saying, "At this age I have to face such sorrow." One day your hidden sin will hit your child. God builds your house. Devil ruins it. If there is righteousness in your house, the devil cannot do that. You forget God’s laws and your children are lost. Hosea4:6.


            Is there godly sorrow for your parents? My father left us a heritage in the Lord. You should not neglect your relatives. If your relatives become wicked they will have influence on your home also and on your children.


            Psalms 71:18 David wanted to live long. What for? -- to show the Power of God to the next generation. Do you want to live long to sow the Word of God?


            Psalm 112:1,2 Do you delight in the Word of God? Then your home will be healthy. Your children will be strong. Let us exalt the Word of God. They talked the Word of God as if it were tasty food in our church. Do not neglect God's Word and laws.