“Glorifying Christ”                                       LATE MR.DANIEL

PSALM 50:14,15


            When you call on Him, He answers. When He answers, He is glorified. Because the people around you will be watching you, and observing the answers you receive from God. It is dangerous to be in a state of always just receiving things from God. Pay your vows. Learn to give to God. Macaulay said "Indians make long promises followed by smooth excuses (for not keeping them)". Let us not be so. Let us keep the promises we made to God.


            God is able to take care of you even in a big matter as marriage. Your parents may not have faith. They may be unconverted. Their religion may be just ritualistic like Hinduism. They may observe Christian rites at births, marriages and deaths. That would be a religion without power. Then the devil exercises its rights over your family. One boy gets out of hand, one boy gets a chronic disease. When we let the devil enter this is what happens. People can practice peculiar types of religion. They can profess religion and also speak a few lies. One can be a preacher and demand dowry of several thousands for his son. In such cases the devil enters into the family.


            Even if you ask for a dowry of one rupee it will be a curse.


            Think of God's kingdom. There are great virtues you can possess. But the devil in you is eating up the roots of those virtues. Will you glorify God? You are to be a missionary. God will use you so. Do not think of just your home and your own place. You may have to go to the North and work there. Dr. Samraj has gone to the Irulas who live near elephant jungles.


            God will tear apart the people who preach unworthily. Pay your vows. Claim His promises. Begin to participate in His divine nature. The nation will then come to your feet to learn Christ.