Suffering for Righteousness

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."  (Matthew 5:10)

It is a privilege for Christian people to suffer for righteousness' sake.  When we cheerfully receive persecution, our true metal is seen.  Once Sadhu Sundar Singh was tied to a tree and leeches were released on his body.  The leeches did their work in sucking his blood to their full.  He was weak and bloodless.  But when the people saw him in the morning he was smiling.  The people were astonished.  They untied him and ran away for fear.  Often it is the joy during suffering and injustice, that impresses people most.  That is the deepest faith.

Ninety five percent of the suffering in Christians is their own making.  They think they are suffering for God.  Now in our youth we see everything dry and we want to cross the dry beds and enjoy all the pleasures we like.  The dry beds are really creeks and they will be full one day and you cannot come back.  You will be caught up in problems you cannot cross.  You will be caught in the tide.  God cautions us and prepares us.  Blessed are they who suffer for righteousness in the prime of their youth and prepare themselves for life.

The thieves on either side of Jesus were dying for their own sins and not for God.  The laws of nature may be over-ruled by God, but never the divine laws.  That is why Christ had to die.  If your body is crooked He can make it straight but if you go against the divine laws - the Cross is the only way to restore you.  Know the tide will surely rise, the problems of life will crush you.   Your parents would have left this world by then.  You will have to face the problems alone, which you cannot solve.  People neglect rebirth.  That means neglecting the most fundamental and vital matter in life.  There is national reconstruction - Educational, Economical, Medical.  Yet things are going topsy turvy.  Why?  The spiritual things are neglected.  What is your place before God?  When you become righteous the world cannot stand it.  It will persecute you.  Even religious people will deride you.  God proves those who are true to Him.  We need not despair.  God will vindicate us.  May God help us to suffer for Christ and to suffer for others cheerfully.