The Higher Plane

"For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."  (Romans 8:6)

Here in the beginning of this chapter the life on the higher plane is differentiated from the life in the flesh.  People who live in the flesh and work in the flesh get quickly worn out.

Carnally minded men die.  Very soon they come to the end of their resources.  A man who lives upon the gain in his business can survive, but he who lives on the capital will soon be bankrupt and will not have an honorable existence.  You must conserve the capital and discover a way of increasing it.  A man who lives upon his physical resources will soon come to the end of them.  A man who cycles even after knowing the tube is not fully inflated causes the ruin of the tyre and tube.  A machine which is not properly lubricated will not last long.  Lubricating oil reduces frictional forces to the minimum and prevents metal coming into contact with metal and getting worn out.

A carnal man who is not lifted into the higher plane in which Christ lived, lubricating his physical machine with spiritual love and faith will not live long.  The spiritual forces of love and faith prolong life and ennoble the quality of fruit you bear.  A God-fearing man never comes to the end of his resources, because he is drawing upon endless resources and the heavenly forces are sustaining him.  To be carnally minded is death.

A man does not come to the end of his resources as long as he is spiritually minded.