The Power of the Cross

"And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us."  (Luke 23:39)

Jesus Christ will give you a new plane of life.  You will begin to walk with God and talk with Him.  We see the dying penitent thief beginning to preach to the other.  Jesus Himself was always on that plane.  He takes sides with Jesus as a really penitent man.  Do you ever take sides with God?  This man begins to condemn himself.  That is the remarkable thing about a really penitent man.  Why is Jesus dying on the Cross?  If you begin to discuss it within your heart and meditate upon this, you will be lifted up.  Did you ever see a glorious personality like Him?  He stands a supreme spotless and immaculate person.  People without understanding try to compare great men with Jesus.  But Jesus stands supreme.

Jesus was condemned to a disgraceful death.  The thief when he was brought into the consciousness that he was a sinner and God alone could deliver him, he lifted up his heart to Jesus in faith.  All of us call Him, 'Lord,' but if you call Him Lord with all your heart, you will be a mighty man or a mighty woman.  No man can call Jesus 'Lord' but by the Holy Spirit.  The moment you call Him Lord, you become a militant man working for Jesus Christ.  A new power begins to operate in you and lifts you.  The propeller of the airplane while revolving at a high speed creates suction in front and lifts the plane.  So will it be when you come to Jesus.  He is not dying in sorrow, but He dies triumphantly.  He has won great victory for you and for me.

He is so confident that He says, when I am lifted up I will lift man into a high plane of living, service and God-consciousness.  No more do these mundane propensities have power over us.