The Presence of God

"And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?"  (Mark 12:24)

We err because we do not know the Scriptures.  When we err, we miss the way.  Our thinking and our imagination go wrong.  We don't give time to study the Word of God and we come to wrong conclusions and wrong decisions.  Then we blame God.  There is no use blaming the Sun for the lack of rain.  If forests are cut down, the rains fail.  It does not mean that the Sun's heat has gone down.  God's love and mercy have not decreased.  We have gone against the Scriptures.  The energy which the sun is radiating is very great indeed.  The power of God is much greater.  We do not study the Word of God and get to know the power of God.  If a vessel is to be heated, it cannot just get heated of its own self.  You will have to take it near the fire and place it on the fire.  It cannot be heated elsewhere.  Similarly you must go into the presence of God.  Those who do not pray, can never get to know the power of God.  Abraham used to go so often into the presence of God.  How often do you go into the presence of God?

Sundar Singh used to tell the story of a chicken in a shell talking to its mother.  "Mother, I am in a big world," said the chicken.  The hen said, "No, you are not.  When by my warmth you develop and come out of the shell, there is a big world for you to see.  You can roam about in it and enjoy yourself."  Abraham was like a chick in a shell.  God told him, "Abraham, a great nation is going to come out of you.  They will possess the gates of their enemies.  I will bless the whole world through you.  Your children will be like stars for multitude.  You are coming to learn from Me.  You are coming for warmth to Me.  You will become great.  Abraham could not understand what God meant.  Anyone who goes often into the presence of God to learn in prayer is bound to become great.  They cannot help becoming great.  Abraham and Daniel went that way and also St. Paul.