The Protection of The Word of God

"And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect." (Genesis 17:1)

First of all we do not value the Word of God. It does not get into us. Darkness surrounds us. The devil sees to it that the Word of God does not get into us. Many Christian homes have a kind of darkness. Once in Switzerland a young man noticed some strange growths on his body and wanted to get healed. He went to an astrologer and did as he was told. He got healed but an evil sprit took hold of him and tied up his understanding so that he could not understand the Bible. What a price for healing! David prays, 'Lord deliver me from the sins of my youth.' Evil thoughts were dominating him. Adulterous thoughts! He was falling into sin. He tried to be good but could not. Some parents have done much harm to their children. That Swiss boy married a lady in order to become good. But his misery increased. He wanted to die. Once both he and his wife fell ill. In his sickness he was still seeking a way out. God sent a pamphlet into his hands. The truth dawned on him. He confessed his consulting evil spirits and God forgave him. Then he got victory. Christ is our Redeemer. There is victory in the Cross. Parents who are violent like lions are false leaders to their children. Are all your thoughts God's thoughts? Do you check your thoughts with God's thoughts?

Early in life, Absalom was possessed with one wrong thought. He wanted his father's throne. He had no fear of God. David loved him almost to a fault. Absalom had murdered his brother but David felt compassion towards him and kissed him. It was a wrong kiss - kiss to an unrepentant son. Many of us kiss our children that way and we lead them to hell. We must watch over them. They have wrong thoughts. They are not of God. God makes them drop those thoughts.

David knew that his life was safe and protected by the hand of God but where was Absalom? David had exhorted his captains to deal gently with Absalom for his sake. Could they save Absalom? No power on earth can save your children unless you teach them the Word of God. Be filled with the Word of God.