The Undercurrent of Prayer

"Watch ye therefore, and pray always," (Luke 21:36)

How is this possible for a student?  How is this possible for a working-man?  God trains the subconscious to be always in communion with Him.  This undercurrent in us unites us with all the saints.  Your prayer exercises at set times are there to keep your subconscious always connected with God.

In Rangoon, in the River Irrawady, there is an undercurrent.  The ships on the surface are not affected by it.  But if a man falls in, he is dragged away by the undercurrent and therefore he cannot be rescued.  In spiritual life also there is such a thing - an undercurrent of prayer.  Your subconscious is always in prayer.  Even in your dreams there will be an undercurrent of prayer.

In Kolar Gold Fields, they never stop the engines.  Once these machines stop, it takes six months to re-heat them.  So they are always at work.  A praying man when he grows in exercising himself in prayer, there continues for all time this undercurrent of prayer.  You must come to this stage.  Nothing comes to such a one as a shock.  Everything is revealed beforehand.