The Work for God

"Then answered I them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build: but ye have no portion, nor right, nor memorial, in Jerusalem."

(Nehemiah 2:20)

Nehemiah 2:17 - 3:30

When they had to build Jerusalem and its walls, see how they worked.  There were rulers among them, and women too are mentioned in the 12th verse.  To come and work on the walls of Jerusalem, sometimes carrying stones and sometimes building materials may look undignified.  But because it was God's work they laid aside their dignity and they did it.  The Bible records their names.  In the 20th verse of the 3rd chapter, the measure of their sincerity and honesty is recorded.  None of us takes credit for any achievement but we give it all to God.  Jesus taught His disciples, gave them His life and His authority.  We must have His life and His authority.

As we study His Word and meditate on it, we are receiving more of Christ into our body cells. You can make sure of your spiritual security.  If you make sure of just your personal spiritual security, your security will not be sure.  You must always be aggressive.  You must invade the enemy's country.  When you are helping another, your spiritual security is made sure.  You must take a keen interest in the work.  God is watching you.  We are surrounded by spiritual darkness and coldness.  The only way to combat it and maintain your spiritual life, is to win others to the Lord.  Just as in the book of Nehemiah, the earnestness of the workers was recorded, your work and your correct attitude is being recorded in the books of Heaven.  Your education may fail you, your physical strength may fail you, your ancestral property may fail you, but your faith in Christ will never fail you.

By helping others, you are helping yourself - your spiritual warmth is growing, your faith is growing and the range of your prayer is increasing.  When we are praying for others, we are growing.  One day the very faith which has thus grown in you will be a blessing to you so that by it your need will be more quickly and promptly met.