True Christian Character

"... the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me."  (John 14:30)


"I have left no loophole in my character which the devil can make use of," He said.  Only when we give room to Satan, he can overpower us.  Jesus had laid the perfect foundation to Christian character.  He was soon going to die.  But such a life cannot be hid or killed and buried under the earth.  If you build a Christian character which gives no room to the devil in any corner, no unforgiveness, no hatred, no selfishness, no sin of any kind, then even if all the world be against you, they cannot do anything to undo you.  But who was with Jesus on His side?  The clergy?  No! The rulers, soldiers? No! The disciples? No, no one.  But he received the approbation of God. "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."  He moved like a power whom no one could stop. If you follow the truth, you know that God will take care of you and all that concerns you.  This truth is established in Heaven.  Even if you are buried you will surely rise again.  Jesus is going to be buried but he would rise again.  This is a principle established by God.  He is going to make this principle take effect in you.  His death is no death. It is Life. His burial means sitting at the right hand of God.  There is no death, no burial and no defeat for you if you are true to Jesus.  Jesus faced death victoriously.  He said, "I will not be with you for a short time but I will rise again and be with you for ever."  People may speak evil of you, throw stones at you and want to kill you.  But be true to God in your heart.  No one can then do anything to you.