True Faith

"And he looked up, and saw the rich men causing their gifts into the treasury." (Luke 21:1)

Jesus looked at the treasury and at the rich people. He was assessing how much of their heart and faith was going with their money into God's treasury. Many give to God; but there is no faith content in their giving at all. Nothing in it contributes to the extension of the Kingdom of God. What is the faith content in your giving? Does it go with your money? Many give money to God and they are satisfied with it. God looks at those gifts and feels sad because there is no faith in them. When tests come and when you have to go forward through them, you may find there is no faith in you. A man with faith is a blessing wherever he goes. Even if he is poor, it will not hinder the blessing.

When rich people empty themselves in God's service, they are filled. God fills them with great joy.

At the time when people were offering to God, Jesus was watching. He saw a widow. She was really a widow. There are some ladies. They have husbands, yet they are like widows even while their husbands are alive. Their husbands do not love them or care for them. They do not know to whom to cry during their trouble. There are some others who are in the same plight, but they do not murmur at God. They trust in God. God has allowed that trouble, they feel. They have Jesus Christ at their side. So they think, "How can I glorify God in this situation?" The husband of Pandita Rama Bai died. Did she behave like a widow? Did she despair? How many missionaries were inspired by her prayers! She had great faith. When a saintly widow prays, it is a blessing. Even angels will obey such women. Losing the husband will not be a calamity to them. 'I can serve God. I will not lose heart. I will make my children obey God,' is what they would say.