True Philosophy of Life

Luke 6:10-19

Jesus believed in prayer.  He continued all night in prayer.  He did not waste time or words.  Whatever came out of Him transformed the world.  A wonderful power came out of Him to heal the sick.  There came out of Him power to save sinners - a power to set up a new society in Palestine - living according to new principles of life, faith and holiness.  The principles operating in Heaven came down to work on the earth.  Before Jesus came, the world was like a wilderness.  The strong and the rich oppressed the weak and controlled the poor.  The self righteous, ill-treated those whom they judged as sinners.  Jesus brought a new understanding to sinners and to the sick.  Jesus met a sinful woman near a well and converted her and made her a missionary to that town.  He healed a devil-possessed man and transformed him to be a missionary of that place.  He called the fishermen who were repairing the nets and said, "I will make you fishers of men."  They lived by their daily catch of fish.  They were not learned men but they changed the places wherever they went.  They did not fear the mighty Roman Government.  They did not trust in the might of man but trusted the God-man Jesus.  They did not believe in lies but found the truth needed for their life on earth.  They no more believed in hatred, lies and anger but in love and faith.  They made relatives comfortable and happy.  They understood that God will make us happy.  They believed that the well-being of others would be a blessing to themselves.  They did not believe in sin any more.  They were not philosophers but knew the victorious life.  Christ gave them that philosophy of life.