True Prayer

What is the use of prayer?  Is it to get good things from God just to make ourselves comfortable in this life?  Does religion end there?  How much of the divine unction is displayed in your personality?  The more you are in contact with the divine mind the more effective you are.  When you are God-conscious during the whole day, God will make use of you.  Are you a functionary in the eternal purposes of God?  God has put in you all the potentialities that were fully developed in Jesus.  Jesus was nothing but a man developed to the highest perfection.  Your achievements and your receiving of God's blessing will be in accordance with your desire after God.  Your life must attain unto the highest perfection.  Let there be no showing off in religion.   Your Bible study must be real.  Let its impact on you be hard - as hard as the hammer that strikes the anvil.  The harder the blow the better.  Thousands of lives hang on your attaining the perfect life - foremost among whom are your relatives. "If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, ..." (I Peter 4:11).  This is the expectation of the highest men of God.  Let us be humble and never seek name or fame.  Let not the contamination of the love of money ever enter your soul.  Our poverty is the poverty of the spirit - not of money.  Joseph of Genesis and Daniel became oracles of God.

Let us always pray for our enemies.  Let us set apart some time every day to pray for our enemies, who have ill-treated us.  Everything about Christ gives us eternal principles.  Your prayer should lift you to that level and stabilize you where there will be always an under-current of prayer and your words will be oracles of God.  Let not other desires come in the way of your desires after God.  Let us get rid of the ugly things in spiritual life and get into the free atmosphere of Heaven.  Joseph fitted into the frame-work of God's plan.  He did not resist God in any way.  It is such God wants.  It is such God uses.