What is Truly Precious- The Thoughts of God

"How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them!" (Psalm 139:17)

We value many things in this world. But this psalmist is valuing the thoughts of God. What do you value in your life? We know the first thing that created the world was the thought of God. Before this world came into existence it was the thought of the Designer. What are your thoughts? Are they God's? If they are God's your whole life will be built on the rock. Are you careful to check your thoughts against God's thoughts? Some strange thoughts may come into you. One such thought can ruin your life. We must be careful that the thoughts that possess us are completely of God. Once one thought possessed Ahab. He wanted to get hold of the vineyard of Naboth. In many ways, he could have improved his own garden. But that one thought was the cause of the ruin of his family and kingdom. Be careful about your thoughts. When Ahab could not achieve his own ends, his wife came to his help. A wise wife would ask the husband, "Why do you want to possess the land? Is this God's thought? If it is not God's thought it could ruin your family." But Ahab had chosen a woman from a heathen home. She was an idolatrous woman. She could never counsel him in the ways of the Lord. If a wife cannot counsel the husband in the right way, the whole family will crumble. From where do you choose your partner? Is it from a home where the Word of God rules? Our Christian homes are not generally fully governed by the Word of God but we follow the world at home. We say, "That may be God's Word, all right. Yet we are in this world. We must be wise." That is how people live. David says, "How precious are Thy thoughts! The sum total of them is altogether such a blessing to me!" A true Christian is nothing but a bundle of God's thoughts. He never swerves from those thoughts.