Waiting On the Lord

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."  (John 12:32)

The Bible from the beginning to the end points to the Cross.  Jesus says, "When I am lifted up I will lift all men unto myself."  It was a great work done on the Cross.  Meditation on the Cross, and understanding of the Cross provide a mighty lifting power to lift one into the higher regions of spiritual life.  When you are alone in prayer, suddenly one by one your thoughts appear to be wrong, and then His thoughts possess you.  What may be God's plan for you, for your son, for your family enters your mind.

Moses came into the place where God could freely put in His thoughts into him.  Those that wait on the Lord find their bodies strengthened, their spirits rebuilt, their will remade, their memory sharpened, their affections purified, and their imaginations corrected.  If your one aim is to wait on the Lord in prayer and get yourself remade, you will rise.  Jonah outside God's will was dead weight to himself and all around him.  Only when he was thrown out, the boat became light, the wind stopped and the storm ceased.  A man outside God's will is a danger to others - especially a man of God.  May God give us the grace of waiting on Him.