Weapons of God

"Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand; to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;" (Psalm 149:6,7)

There are unseen weapons. When we teach children the Word of God, we give them weapons. The earnest prayer of the parents sharpens these weapons. Thus we bind up the influence of unhealthy neighbors. Wicked people are around us without the fear of God. God keeps them away. Sometimes they want to pollute the sanctity of our home. Then the unseen weapons will destroy them. The sanctity of a Christian home is its treasure. You must preserve it at all costs. The company of Christian people is necessary for our children. We must support each other and the righteousness of Christ must be preserved in our homes. Some are wicked and bring their wickedness into their homes. They will meet with a terrible end. Your children and grandchildren are precious in the sight of Heaven. David went on and killed Goliath. It was a great witness of God's mighty work before all people.

Montgomery - a British General - was a righteous man. He led armies into Germany in the last war. His mother was a woman of God. He was the son of a Bishop. Very early the father died. The mother wouldn't give her son breakfast unless he learnt a verse by heart from the Bible. Even in the battlefield, he had his Bible with him. He would run a mile every day to keep himself physically fit. He would have the Bible with him to read it and keep spiritually fit. These habits made him a man of unbeatable weapons. Hitler may have had modern weapons, but the British won. This was due to the faith of Montgomery and the prayers of godly people. Matthew 10:20; Luke 20:18; I Timothy 4:14-16. What we receive in a Christian family is invaluable- we can't get it anywhere else. But if there is no faith in a home, no man of faith will arise from there.