What are your Choices?

"... they ...chose that in which I delighted not." (Isaiah 66:4)

God looks at your choices. He is shocked: "O what will happen to my child?" You choose fancy dresses. Well, can you fight the devil when he attacks you through that dress? Whatever you choose, it must not hinder your nearness to God. You choose a position respected by all. Then perhaps you associate with people who have no fear of God. One day you will become like them. You may give much money for God's work. But you will be lost.

How good it is to know God's thoughts for you! When Abraham was shown Palestine, it was a wilderness. Lot chose a good place: but today the place that Lot chose is the Dead Sea, totally uninhabitable. Even birds cannot fly over it. There are no fish in this water. Your life will become like that. You will be a Dead Sea, with no life. Why? You choose that which is against God's will.

By the time the Israelites returned after four hundred years of stay in Egypt, Palestine was like a garden.

Lot came out of Sodom losing everything. Abraham returned out of Egypt to inherit God. Your life will be like that.

Peter did not leave Jesus. He became an important man in Jerusalem. What was his education and social status? It did not amount to much but Peter did not leave the thoughts of Jesus. Where can I get such thoughts which can lead me to eternal life? He reached a place from where he could not move away. Have you come to that place? Can you say, "Come what may. I will not leave God's thoughts. The Bible shall rule my heart and home! If God gives me a partner, that person also will share in this work of God. That person should not bring new thoughts to spoil the thoughts of God."