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 A Hundred Years and Still Serving!  A Hundred Years And Still Serving!  $4.00 
 A Wise Woman Buildeth Her Home   A Wise Woman Buildeth Her Home  $2.00 
 Breaking Through to Victory   Breaking Through To Victory  $4.00 
 By Faith   By Faith  $0.50 
 Chocolate Soldier  Chocolate Soldier   $0.50 
 Climbing Higher   Climbing Higher  $4.00 
 Finding Men For Christ   Faith is the Victory  $6.99 
 Finding Men For Christ   Finding Men For Christ  $4.00 
 For Thinking Men Only   For Thinking Men Only   $0.25 
 How The Lord Taught Me To Win Souls  How The Lord Taught Me To Win Souls  $0.25 
 Let's Play Cricket With God   Let's Play Cricket With God  $0.25 
 Our Father   Our Father  $1.25 
 Our Father   

The Pilgrim's Progress

 Revival Secrets   Revival Secrets  $3.00 
 Run To Win  Run To Win  $3.50 
 The School of God's Children   The School Of God's Children  $1.50 
 True Faith   True Faith  $0.50 
 Victory Over Demons and Fear   Victory Over Demons and Fear  $2.00