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 A Mighty Man of Faith   A Mighty Man Of Faith  $0.25 
 Delivered From Alcoholism And Sin   Delivered From Alcoholism And Sin  $0.25 
 Delivered From Alcoholism And Sin   Dr. Jayasingh Speaks  $1.99 
 Enslaved Yet Made Free   Enslaved Yet Made Free   $1.25 
 I Was A Highway Robber   I Was A Highway Robber   $0.25 
 It's Real   It's Real  $1.50 
 Mao & Marx Bound Us - Christ Freed Us   Mao & Marx Bound Us- Christ Freed Us   $1.25
 My Conversion   My Conversion   $0.25 
 Rescued From Death   Rescued From Death   $0.25 
 The Miracle Of My Life   The Miracle Of My Life   $0.25 
 This Is Life   This Is Life   $2.00 
 When Ma Would Not Give Up   When Ma Would Not Give Up  $0.25