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 A Flame of Fire - Finney's Life and Labours   A Flame of Fire- Finney's Life and Labours  $1.00 
 Another Daniel   Another Daniel  $6.99 
 Holy Ann - A Brief Life of Ann Preston  C.T. Studd- Cricketer and Pioneer   $4.99 
 Get Set Go   Get Set Go   $6.05 
 Henry Martyn   Henry Martyn   $0.50 
 Hudson Taylor, The Man Who Believed God   Hudson Taylor- The Man Who Believed God   $5.00 
 Inheriting The Promises   Inheriting The Promises  $4.00 
 John Wesley, Apostle of England   John Wesley, Apostle of England  $2.50 
 Pressing Forward   Pressing Forward   $6.05 
 Sadhu Sundar Singh - He Walked With God   Sadhu Sundar Singh- He Walked With God   $3.50