SERMONS- Messages by Late Mr. N. Daniel & Joshua Daniel

A Good Tree Bringeth Forth Good Fruit
Before They Call, I will Answer
I am the God of thy father
Digging Wells
You Are Not Your Own
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven
The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways
The Spirit of Prophesy
Thou Will Light My Candle
Are You Growing in Faith?
The Thoughts of God
Who is Your God?
She lighted off her donkey, to make a request
Can God Prepare a Table in the Wilderness?
God's Thoughts
Living in the Spirit and Walking in the Spirit
The Spirit of Understanding
I Give You Power Over All the Power of the Enemy
Put Me Not to Confusion
The Repercussions of Fasting Prayer
Jonah, a disobedient man
The Abundant Life
The Faith of Hezekiah
The River of God
Who Are Your Companions?
Command Ye Me
Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of heaven
The Fruits of Faith
You are the Apple of His Eye
Our Profession Must Not be Greater Than Our Action
Growing In Faith
Resisting Temptation
God's Promises
Publishing Good News
The Spirit of God
Fulfilling the Plan of God
Sanctified Love
Set Your Affections on Things Above
Eternal Inheritance
Victory Over Fear
Spirit of God
Make Your Calling & Election Sure
Real Wisdom
Young People Who Walk in the Will of God Make History
Learning to be Like a Child
Make His Praise Glorious
God is Mine Helper
Moving Forward, Trusting in God
One Thing Have I Desired of the Lord
By Faith the Walls of Jericho Fell Down
Standing in the Gap
Communion With God
Woman, Behold Thy Son!
The Presence and Thoughts from God
Stephen, Full of Faith and Power
Spiritual Quality
Being With Jesus
Grieve Not the Holy Spirit of God
I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me
Doing the Will of God
Hope, Joy and Peace
Drawing Near to God
The Mind of God
His Name is Wonderful, Counsellor
Loving One Another
Walking and Talking with God
A Real Treasure, The Word of God
Being Strong in Spirit
The New Covenant
Being Led of the Spirit
Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God
Attaining God's Thoughts
Are You Equipped?
We Must Keep Humble Till The End
God is a Speaking God
A Christian Walks a Transparent Life
Doing God's Will
It is Good to Be With Jesus
Proving the Reality of God
God's River
Maintaining A Clean Conscience
Daniel Walked With God
The Family of God
Thy Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom
The Justice of God
The Kingdom of God
A True Disciple
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Acceptance of God Is What Matters
Christian Habits
A Christian Home
David's Sword
God is Holy
Godliness With Contentment is Great Gain
God's Family
God's Presence and Impact
God's Promises- Our Strength and Treasure
Seeing the Fulfilment of God's Promises
God's Temple
Thoughts From God
Grateful Praise
How to Build God's Temple
Continuous Love
Peaceful Homes, The Results of a Holy Life
Prayer is Accessing the Power of God
Take Care of Your Heart
The Creative Power of Love
The Cross of Jesus
The Goal of Christian Life
The Highest State of Christian Life
The Light of Jesus
The Normal Life of Man
The Presence of God
True Achievement
True Faith
Walk With God
Weapons of God
Imbibing Heaven
Building Ruined Places
Honor and Glory Come From God
What is Truly Precious- The Thoughts of God
The Impact of The Word of God
The Protection of The Word of God
Thou Hast The Words of Eternal Life
What are Your Choices?
God's Revolution
True Understanding
Acknowledging One's Sin
Out of God's Will
In God's Will
To Be With Jesus
House of Prayer
Jesus Alone Can Save
I Am Your Reward
Doers of the Word
Human Nature
God's Thoughts
True Religion
At the Mountain Top
The Mystery of Love
To Be A Blessing
Love, The Creative Force
Life And Death
Fine Linen of God
Complete Victory
Faith Brings Life
God's Blessing
A True Christian Stands in the Gap
A Godly Heritage
The Spirit's Touch
A Spiritual Woman
Beauty of a Home
Living in the Kingdom of God
Christian Growth
Conforming to the Plan of God
Living in the Will of God
Finishing What We Begin
God the Giver
God's Covenant
God's Promises Stand Forever
God's Standard
Meditating On God's Thoughts
Good Will - the Greatest Thing
Growing in Faith
Living in the Spirit
Obedience- The Path to Victory
Our Thoughts
Remembering the Birth of Christ
The Greatest Gift- Calling on God
The Safety of God's Will
The Will of God
He That is Not With Me is Against Me
True Humility
True Life
Truly Serving God
Truth in the Heart
The Great Disciplinarian
Walking at Liberty
The Value of God's Word
The Power of Prayer
Living in Heaven
The Judgment of God
The Power of Godliness
The Power of Faith
True Light
Laboring for Eternal Things
True Disciple
Bearing the Cross
Abiding in Christ
Dying With Jesus
Humility, the Sign of Greatness
True Wisdom
Prayer- The Undercurrent
The Power of Jesus' Word
True Prayer
Godly Sorrow
The Conquest of Christ
Overcoming Life
Conquering the Powers of the Enemy
Power of the Blood of God
The Sufficiency of Prayer
The Light of God's Will
Renewal of Strength
Waiting On the Lord
The Power of the Resurrection
The Discipline of God
Are You With Jesus?
Angelic Power in Man
Bearing Witness
Beautiful Feet
Building in Faith
Carrying the Gospel
Conquering Death
Cooperating With God
Exercising Faith
Jesus' Rightful Claim
Keep Clean
Kingdom of God
Our Loudest Preaching
Power of Prayer
Precious From the Vile
Seeking the Lord's Blessing
Sensitive to God
The Impact of a Walk With God
Faith is the Habit of Looking to God
The Power of Faith
The Power of Jesus' Love
The Value of Discipline
The Way of the Lord
The Work for God
Training at Home
True Christian Character
True Philosophy of Life
True Worship
Victory Over Death
Watching Your Thoughts
Witness By Life
Conquering in the Days of Youth
Conquest of the Flesh
Education of the Highest Kind
God - Our True Goal
God's Great Price
House of Perfect Safety
Inexhaustible Power
Mystic Communion
Peace of God
Pure Light of Jesus
Rising Higher
Suffering For Righteousness
The Great Disciplinarian
The Height of Christian Life
The Higher Plane
The Perfect Truth
The Power of the Cross
The Praiseworthy God
The Presence of God
The Strongest Sermon
The Sun of Righteousness
The Undercurrent of Prayer
The Valuable Thing
To Be Like Christ
True Enjoyment
True Preparation
True Sacrifice
The Kingdom of God
The Vital Things of Life
What A Redemption!
Meet For The Master's Use
Has The Spirit of God Ever Met You?
Jesus Came to Save Sinners
Valuing the Thoughts of God
A Humble and Holy Life
For They Have Sown the Wind
The Impact of a Godly Life
God is a Loving God
My House of Prayer
The Love of God
A Holy God
Qualified By God
The Cross of Christ
Seek The Lord Today!
Enter Ye In At The Strait Gate
The Purposes of God
Living To Glorify God
God Wants To Make You A Blessing
God's Infinite Mind
Standing In The Gap
Where Art Thou?
Spiritual Plenty
A Sinner Given A Mission
Living A Victorious Life
Our Defence, The Word of God
God's Righteousness
Glorifying Christ
Godly Sorrow
Open Thou Mine Eyes
The Grace of God
Humble to Acknowledge Our Faults